Barboline's Bleed Rail Project
Soon After
Soon After

Made a big mistake many years ago ...
Thinking life was all about you

Then ignoring the calls ... all the calls you made
Going back ... I couldn't do

Was a loyal fireman
Willing to sacrifice ... sacrifice his life

Saving someone surrounded by fire ...
Frightened and crying out

Then Reading the local paper
Your name was among the dead

Hit me hard ... because you seemed immortal
It shocked my cluttered head

So many things around this house ....
Reminded me of you

Too late for me to say goodbye
The Soon After's taken ... Taken You

Rolling a cart down isle nine ...
Stunned ...
You're sitting ... Crying tears ... head down

Disbelief ...
I paced back and forth ...
Till your arms wrapped around

You Whispered ...
"Please forgive me" ...
"For the hurtful words I said"

Waking from this dream ....
You were saying goodbye ....
The Soon After's taken ... Taken You

Lyrics Credits: Barboline ©2017
Music Credits: Barboline's Bleed Rail ©2013
Producer Credits: Pre-Production by Joe Kovacs & Produced by Brent McDonald
Performance Credits: Barboline -Vocals & Guitar, Jacobs - Acoustic Guitar, Schrieber - Percussion & Brent McDonald - Lead & Acoustic Guitar & Bass
Story Behind the Song:
A real dream after an ex-girl friend passed ....
Song Length: 3:19
Primary Genre: Rock-Progressive Rock
Secondary Genre: Rock-Alternative
Subject Matter 1: Sorrow
Mood 1: Heartbreaking
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