Barboline's Bleed Rail Project

Standing here all alone ... I find myself saddened
Take a picture... a story left behind

Dreams can be dangerous ... when walking in this emptiness
Not all those who travel ... can be lost

Someone I couldn't shake ... for a lifetime
How to say goodbyes that wouldn't last

Secrets of another kind ... another kind of lie
Betrayal by forces that can't be won

Pain .........

Standing here all alone ... I find myself saddened
Take a picture ... a story left behind

Did I bring this on myself ... this place ... Called elsewhere?
Just waited ... Just waited too damn long

Closed my eyes to remember ... remember something good
The other side of this mirror is growing dark

Tearing down is easy ... building up is hard
Have to keep going ... going until I don't

Pain ........
Pain ........
Lyrics Credits: Barboline ©2017
Music Credits: Barboline's Bleed Rail ©2008
Producer Credits: Brent McDonald
Publisher Credits:
Performance Credits: Barboline - Vocals & Guitars, Warner - Bass, Schrieber - Drums
Label Credits:
Short Song Description:
Long Song Description:
Story Behind the Song:
Song Length: 3:13
Primary Genre: Rock-Progressive Rock
Secondary Genre: Folk-Alternative
Mood 1: Depressing
Mood 2: Cheerless
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